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Dr. Zeller is an honored recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from her alma mater. She has been nominated for the Small Business Administration Innovative Women in Business Award as an Education Technology Thought Leader.
Mr. Thomas Ackerson is the K-12 Strategist for Engaged Education. With two decades as an educational administrator, he has lead the revitalization of schools. He has consulted on the founding and operations of multiple charter schools.
Mr. Anweiler is the Business Office Manager for Engaged Education. He has over a decade of experience with various disciplines within Finance and Accounting. He leads Human Relations & Business Management for LifeTech Academy, with a focus on grant funding, budgeting, and reporting.

We believe learning is always evolving, must always continue to innovate, and must be led by the student. We have more than 75 years of combined experiences that we use to create and manage successful charter schools.  

Data systems infrastructure & integrations

Engaged Education Cyber Model

Virtual school development, virtual program development, school-within-a-school model, micro site development (face-to-face opportunities defined by geography, opportunity, and Learners)

Professional Development

Board leadership, mentor programming, educational technology

School Management

School revitalization, compliance services, budget development, full programmatic review, and recommendations

Fiscal & School Policy

Grant writing and management


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